Roberts prepared an original painting to serve as the basis for each print, which was translated to the lithographic stones by several different well known lithographers of the day, including Thomas Shotter Boys, William Gauci, T.S. Cooper, Thomas Allom, and Louis Haghe. Unique to this series, Roberts produced two of the lithographs himself - the Fortress of the Alhambra, and the Gate of the Alcalá.

Prints are separated by plain interleaves, and are blank on the verso, as the volume is without text other than the Dedication and the Table of Contents. This volume would be more easily unbound for cleaning and restoration than would the more elaborate Holy Land/Egypt & Nubia volumes. Please enquire for further information on the cost of cleaning, restoration and re-binding

On the following pages are a sampling of some of the most popular and artistic of the prints. For more complete information on each print in the set, please see our Catalog section on Spain, which shows the hand colored version of most of the prints. Below is the Bridge of Toledo.