Seville & Carmona

Madrid & North

Before gaining fame for his images of Egypt and the Holy Land, Roberts made a similar lengthy excursion to Spain in 1832-3, returning to England with more than 200 sketches of Spanish monuments and locations. These were published in four volumes of the Landscape Annual in 1835-38, and in a separate work, Picturesque Sketches in Spain, in 1837. As with his later prints of Egypt and the Holy Land, these lithographs were produced both with and without added hand coloring

Offered here are the 26 first edition large-format lithographs from Picturesque Sketches in Spain, available both with and without added professional hand coloring in accordance with the original coloring scheme. These prints display much of the life and romanticism that would make Roberts' later works such favorites with collectors.

Malaga, Jerez & Gibraltar