Coloring: Shown here in Standard Edition with added hand coloring of highlights. Also available in Standard Edition without added hand coloring, and in Royal Subscription Edition with original added hand coloring.

Comments: A very colorful and popular full folio scene of the city of Suez. The faint rainbow above the city is original to the RSE color scheme, and added by hand. Very high quality modern hand coloring, at least equal to that of the RSE execution.

Catalog Number: HA 02

Price: Standard Edition: $900 uncolored, $1,025 colored. Subscription Edition: $1,300


Title: Suez [general view]

Edition: Available in Standard First Edition, and in Royal Subscription Edition, 1842-49

Condition: Standard Edition - Excellent, one very faint, small mark in sky. Archivally cleaned. Subscription Edition - Excellent, Archivally cleaned.


Image: Approx. 13 1/8" x 19 9/16" Subscription Edition Card : 16 7/8" x 23 7/8" Standard Edition Paper:16 1/8" x 20"